Dimension One

songs list

Compilation CD : 10 Songs
P).C) 1994 Trip Trap Records TTCD-001

1. "Envelope" Created by Kei Itoh
2. "Digital QS" Created by Kei Itoh
3. "Matrix" Created by Yoshiaki Matsumoto + Kei Itoh

4. "FRODO 4096" Created by T.TOKUDA
5. "T-0001" Created by T.TOKUDA
6. "Dr.Fret" Created by T.TOKUDA

Trance Warp
7. "A Voyage with the Stars" Created by KURO + TATSUO

8. "Wild Tripper" Created by Masayuki Kurihara
9. "Tantri Tabla" Created by Masayuki Kurihara

10. "LOTUSEATER" Created by Shinobu Ohmuro

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